Joey’s Journal.

Joey        While organizing my grandma’s cluttered attic, I discovered journal pages written by my great-great-great grandfather, Joey Saunders. Grandma thought I was crazy for believing that five pirates settled next to great-great-great grandpa Joey’s farm, but now I have proof.  The journal pages are discolored, wrinkled, and torn–so my photos of the entries are a bit hard to read.  However, if you click on the links below, you can peek inside Joey’s Journal and read about his adventures with five mischievous pirates.

Entry 1    Entry 2

Entry 3    Entry 4

 I have cleaned only a corner of Grandma’s attic, so if I uncover more pages from Great-Great-Great Grandpa Joey’s journal, I will put a notice on my blog. To the attic!

Illustration by Gene Barretta 


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