Second Grade Crayon “Batik” Heart Art



064Inspired by pop artist Jim Dine, my second graders enjoyed designing their own “heart art.” I found the idea for this project here, but learned a few nuggets along the way:

1.  Test the paper. The 76 lb. construction paper I purchased basically disintegrated when placed in the tempera water. However, construction paper leftover from the previous art teacher (which was thicker) worked well.

2. I gave “thick, waxy crayon that you could scrape off with your fingernail” directions. This was true, but projects with imperfect coloring—thin white gaps—allowed more black to saturate and presented a more unified piece. 064 (3)

3. Students gently crumpled their papers twice. The second time, projects were left in a “ball” and placed in a bowl of water-diluted tempera paint. Students submerged the ball with a sponge brush and rolled it to make sure white areas were covered. A gloved aide made sure the project was not left in the water too long, pulled the project out, and helped the student look for areas that needed black paint added with the sponge brush.

4.  Even with the thicker paper, we had a few small tears. However, the tear lines matched the overall desired batik effect and were not noticeable when the project was adhered to a black background.

5. A coat of gloss fixative made the projects pop.





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