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Winners of the Kid Proverb Contest


The judges have decided the winners of Imogene’s Kid Proverb Contest! Not only do the winning entries offer great advice for kids, they show how to apply The Next Door Series’ theme, “Love your neighbor.”

The winner of the 4-6 year-old category teaches kids how to honor a hardworking “neighbor” at home:


Never say no to something your mom made you don’t like—just say thank you

                                                                                                               Jack, age 6, Oregon

flourish 2

“Love you enemies” was the lesson of the winning entry from the 7-9 year-old group:

If you are being bullied, NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER bully the other person back.

     Isabella, age 7, Michigan

Wise advice, Jack and Isabella! You have each won a $50 Visa Gift Card, a signed copy of Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door, and a bandana. May biblical proverbs guide each of your trails.

Congratulations and keep writing,


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